7 tips to take better care of your teeth

We all want a perfect set of pearly white teeth, but this is something that rarely comes naturally. The daft thing is that considering the amount of dental products available these days, not to mention the services our dentists offer, none of us should have bad teeth. You can ruin your teeth and get a severe painful one if you aren’t taking as good care of your teeth as you should, and are ready to give your dental routine a revamp, bati-yakasi brings 7 tips for teeth


Wonky Teeth

If you don’t fancy invisible braces yet baulk at the thought of a mouthful of metal then maybe you should check out the fab clear braces now on offer? A fine metal strip is all that is visible as the technical stuff is going on behind the scenes, well, behind your teeth. Removable at any time for easy cleaning, these are a great way of straightening those wonky teeth and getting that killer smile you have always dreamed of.


You should change your toothbrush every 3months, and considering how cheap the are there is no excuse not to. For a really deep clean it is well worth investing in an electric toothbrush. The spinning action cleans teeth better than an ordinary toothbrush every could and the brush bits themselves are pretty cheap to replace.

Frequent Brushing

Ignore the old wives tales about brushing your teeth too much damages them as it simply ain’t true. Ideally you should clean your teeth after every meal but depending on circumstances this sometimes just isn’t possible. Teeth should be cleaned 3 times a day if you can, and no less than twice.


Flossing should be a part of everyone’s dental hygiene routine. Those with teeth very close together can often leave tiny food particles between teeth as the brush simply can’t get in there. Flossing does this for you quickly and easily and will also eliminate bad breath often caused by trapped bits of food.


These are now considered a vital part of dental hygiene as not only do they leave your mouth feeling fresh they also kill any bacteria lurking. Keeping bacteria at bay is a must to promote good health of the teeth, gums and entire mouth so don’t forget to swish after you’ve brushed.

Interdental Brushes

Those teeny tiny brushes you see on sale are brilliant for popping in your bag or pocket when going out. Although toothpicks are readily on offer at many restaurants it is easy to poke too hard and hurt your gums. Twirl one of these around your teeth does the same job but without damaging the gums.

Regular Visits to the Dentist

Even if you don’t need anything doing you should always attend your 6 monthly check up. Dentists can spot problems when they first start to occur such as inflamed gums which you may not even realise are there. Prevention is always better than treatment so don’t skip those checkups If you cannot get to doctor due to busy life, just login to and get tips about your teeth.

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