Buying American: Considering Ford Over Toyota

If you know what kind of car or truck you want, you may be considering two longstanding rivals: Ford and Toyota. The decision between Ford and Toyota is one of the most common, whether you’re looking for a hybrid car, a pickup truck, or a family Sedan. If you’re on the fence about which new car maker you should buy from , the following reasons to choose Ford over Toyota might help you make up your mind.

Ford vs Toyota

One of the first arguments for Ford is that it’s a U.S. company, whereas Toyota is based in Japan. Many people prefer to spend their money on products from companies that produce jobs in the country instead of sending their cash overseas. Of course, Toyota cars and their parts are manufactured in large part and assembled in the United States now, so the adage “Buy American” is more complex than it was years ago. Though things have changed, Ford is still a U.S.-owned company and buying one of their cars does keep more of your money in the country supporting our economy that purchasing a Toyota does, even if Toyota employs U.S. workers too.

ford vs toyota

C-Max vs. Prius V

Ford almost always delivers better performance, more power, and a better driving experience. They trade off a slightly lower sticker MPG, but those numbers rely on specific, artificial driving styles that have little to do with the real world. The Ford C-Max hybrid squares off against the Toyota Prius V square off as the giants’ new entrants to the next-gen hybrid segment. The C-Max has a sticker 45 city/40 highway MPG to the Prius V’s 44/40, but real world driving knocks about 10 miles off each for the Ford. This is mainly due to a heavier package, probably due to sound foam insulation and muffling pads – the things that create a quieter and more pleasant freeway driving experience – and the larger, more powerful engine.

Performance comparison

The C-Max is based on the old Ford Focus, where as the Prius V has its roots in the Prius. The result is that all the sacrifices made to the god of fuel economy continue to haunt the V. The C-Max boasts 40 percent more horsepower, better performance off the line, more comfortable response and handling on the highway, and improved torque, partly due to an engine that’s 11 percent larger.

Price comparison

Finally, you can usually get that improved performance at a slightly lower price. For example, the most recent-year Ford Taurus and its peer the Toyota Avalon offer relatively similar options to consumers. The Ford comes in almost $1,000 cheaper for the base model. And when you compare similar engine sizes, the Taurus offers 20 more horsepower for highway driving and 10 more at lower engine RPMs, as well as more torque and a faster starting time.

If you are considering Ford and Toyota and choosing between similar models, there are a number of reasons to prefer the Ford. Personal taste may lead you to prioritize the very minor fuel efficiency advantage most Toyotas offer, but Fords deliver improved performance, power, and handling, at a better price, almost across the board. And of course, Ford is the quintessential U.S. company.

Alex Gabriel is a writer at Reply! with several years of digital marketing and copywriting experience. A native of Portland and graduate of the University of Oregon, Alex has a passion for writing about new cars. To learn more about Car buying Tips , see

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