Ntw Designs Shows Us How to Compress Design Animations and Video

This year, web designs have become much more customized and advanced. As user activity affects rankings, web designs are now designed more for the viewer. Web design animations and auto playing videos are 2 popular elements that have been added to designs. These are great additions on a website, but if they are uncompressed, they may cause load issues. Ntw Design ( http://www.ntwdesigns.com/ )  is a design company that has created hundreds of animated web designs for clients around the world. Read below the secret ways that they show us to compress digital animations and video.Compressing Videos

Compress Design Animations

  1. Compression. Compression is necessary to reduce the quality in a bulk way. Web videos are very heavy on page. A video trend is usually seen with the one page web design where the video takes up the top half of the screen and automatically loads behind the menu items as soon as the page opens. Although this is a great design addition, it can weigh heavy on the page. This is why compression is recommended.

Aside from compression, what are the other ways to reduce the size of a video?

  1. CUT Clip. Discover where your video needs to loop. A web video does not need to be minutes long. Cutting the length of your video is needed in order to minimize the total size of the video.
  1. Review the Quality. HD quality may lead to a heavier web page and video file size. Reducing the quality of a video is important to do as it will improve the video play upon page load. Always note that the video quality should be reduced as much as possible, but not so much as to where the video looks bad or pixilated on the homepage.

UI/UX Animation Compression.

  1. Animation Compression. Just as videos need compression, so do UI/UX animations in order to run smoothly on a website. A UI/UX animation are known for their ability to create a great design animation on page. However, if that design is very heavy, chances are that it will run with some interruption on various browsers. Most mobile web visitors will be impacted the most as their internet will take much longer to load the animation.
  2. Animation Speed and Loop. Identify when your animation needs to be looped. A digital animation should play out a full digital story, so when the digitally story comes to a final that is where it should be looped. In terms of speed, this can make or break the web animation. All web speeds for animations should be kept at an even pace. Fast web animations are unfavorable and they will increase the chances that web vistiors click out of the page as soon as they enter. By compression and speed consistency, it is great way to fully display the entire animation to the web viewers without any interruption.

When creating a UI/UX animation for your website or displaying a full video background, always review the above to successfully reduce the size of the files.


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