6 Important WordPress Tools for Consultants, Designers, and Developers

WordPress is more than just a blogging platform; it’s a full-fledged CMS and a strong platform for designers and developers. Building plugins, themes, and applications on this platform require a broad range of tools that help with design and development processes. Whether you run a software development company or you need a few tools for making your website perform excellently, here are the six most important WordPress tools.

1. Text editors and integrated development environments

If you intend to write code, you need a perfect text editor. It’s advisable to choose a development tool that supports FTP capability within the editor. NetBeans, Sublime Text, Coda 2, PhPStorm, TextWrangler, Espresso, Notepad, and TextMate are some of the effective tools you can use.

2. MySQL database management

A WordPress developer must understand all the underlying MySQL tables and support data. Reputable hosting companies such as HostGator and Bluehost offer myPhPAdmin for database management. However, if you like client-based database management tools for query execution, you can opt for SequelPro (for Mac) or MySQL Workbench (for Mac, Linux, and Windows).

3. Local hosting environments for WordPress

If you’re developing a product on a WordPress Platform, you can use a hosted account or work faster by managing your local Apache, MySQL, Linux, and PHP environment (LAMP). Note that DesktopServer, Apache, PHP (MAMP), MySQL, and Macintosh offer local installations of the LAMP configuration. Most people who have been running MAP on their MacBook Pro say that working locally is more effective especially when migrating images and PHP files.

4. Utilities

Debugging tools, FTP utilities, and screen capture tools are some of the most important WordPress development tools. These tools make your development or design process easy. For instance, Firebug is an important tool for any developer intending to tweak a theme before making changes in the CSS file. It has live editing capabilities, and that ensures that you edit the right tag and get your desired results before you begin modifying a custom.css file or editing your child theme.

5. WordPress Plugins

Some WordPress plugins are must-have tools for both all developers, designers, and consultants. Gravity Forms is one of the most referenced plugins as it enabled developers to create a base form that can be extended for complex functionality. Other most referenced WordPress plugins include BackupBuddy (allows you to backup, restore or migrate your WordPress site), Akismet (blocks spam comments), Types and Views (it’s a custom post type and view tool), and WordPress SEO by Yoast.

6. Project management tools

Designers, developers, and consultants never work in a vacuum. In fact, their project handling process requires coordination and collaboration with distributed development teams, freelancers, and clients. Project management platforms such as Basecamp and Github make it possible to collaborate with all other experts working on the same project.

Software and website developers, designers, and consultants are always in search for effective tools that can eliminate the challenges associated with their work. While you may need to spend a few bucks to get an excellent WordPress tool, you can still find free but efficient tools for your job.


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